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UAB Japaletė is a producer of corrugated cardboard pallets and corrugated cardboard inside fillers. All of our products are solely made from corrugated cardboard and water based glue, thus they are 100% recyclable and ecological. We only use cardboard from reliable, certified suppliers. All of the electricity used in the production process is from renewable sources. Constantly we improve our internal processes to reduce energy consumption thus our carbon footprint as well.

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Corrugated cardboard pallets and inside fillers

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Corrugated cardboard pallets

Corrugated cardboard pallets are suitable for transporting and storing products in land, air and sea freight. We are producing several types of cardboard pallets, which we offer to our clients, according to specific logistic and loading weight needs. On average, a corrugated cardboard pallet weighs around 3-5 kg. and has good characteristics. Unlike many other cardboard pallet manufacturers, we can also offer pallets, which are suitable for shelf less racking.


Corrugated cardboard fillers/inside fillers

We are producing corrugated cardboard inside fillers/"shock absorbers" for furniture packaging. Fillers are glued and cut according to the requirements of our clients, with high precision. All of our fillers meet strict IKEA requirements, with PAP20 printed signs and are dust free. Fillers made from corrugated cardboard are much stronger then honeycomb fillers and pass "drop tests" with excellence.

Corrugated cardboard trays and sheets

We produce and sell corrugated cardboard trays/sheets for pallets. We cut according to the clients specifications. Minimum order quantity is from 100 m2 for one sheet measure.

Cardboard Sheets

Production process

Quality without compromise


Highest quality raw materials

All of our raw materials are supplied by certified and reliable companies, ensuring high quality every time


Quality control and order processing time

All of our cardboard products have a maximum +-1 mm. Order processing time is within 15 calendar days from order placement.


 FSC® certificate

UAB Japaletė  has a valid chain of custody FSC®. Certificate, code SCS-COC-008011, licence code FSC®-C143465. Practically all of our product scurrently are made from FSC® certified raw materials and from the 3rd quarter of 2019 we have a goal to use only FSC® certified material.


Sustainable business

We declare a responsible attitude towards the ecological problems in Lithuania and the World and contribute to the sustainability of ever-decreasing land resources. The company's industrial premises are equipped with energy efficient LED lighting, and from 2017 onwards, March 1 we are "green" electricity consumers. The company constantly introduces energy-saving solutions.

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Our certificates

FSC logo.jpg

FSC® certificate

Certificate Code SCS-COC-008011

License Code FSC-C143465

Green energy certificate

A certificate showing that we only use renewable energy in our premises


CO2 emission reduction

In 2020 we have reduced carbon dioxide by 44 tonnes.

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Team members

Julius Niedvaras


Audrius Niedvaras

Chief executive officer

Vilma Anskaitė

Chief accountant

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Where we are:

Liepų g. 1 Motiejūnų k. Širvintų r. Lietuva

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Opening hours and requisites

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:00

Sat: closed

Sun: closed

Legal entity code: 303572422

VAT code: LT100009397014

Checking account:
SEB bankas AB

Acc/no: LT657044060008131117

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